AERPRODUCTIVE Integrated.Fleet.Services is an integrated service to support our airline customers, banks and lessors in the effort to manage their assets and fleet during the crisis and the ramp-up post-corona. 

What are we doing different? We work together in a one-stop-shop holistic way with the right partners and provide solutions in such a way, that our customers can focus on their core-business while we take care of their post-corona fleet scenarios.

The biggest award for us would be if we can facilitate a smooth post-corona ramp-up in the industry with our Integrated.Fleet.Service - perhaps not comparable to the pre-corona level, but to a more sustainable, even better level.

Aircraft, Component & Engine MRO

  • Full Airbus A320- and A330/A340-series Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) capabilities
  • Full CFM56-series, RB211 and V2500 (amongst others) Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) capabilities
  • Full aircraft and engine component repair capabilities
  • Aircraft and-of-lease and transition services

Fleet Services

  • Aircraft and engine end-of life services
  • Purchase of aircraft & engine assets, short & longterm engine leasing
  • Engine material solutions and management
  • Component exchange, pooling and support services 

Inventory optimization

  • Inventory planning & optimization (powered by a unique software code)
  • Identifying optimal engine & aircraft teardown scenarios inventory & service level optimization

Transformation & Restructuring

  • Strategy
  • Procurement & Supply Chain managment
  • Re-organization
  • Digitalization

In the post-pandemic ramp-up, airlines, banks and lessors may see huge challenges - We as highly specialized aviation and industry leaders provide solutions and cost-saving potential with our unique Integrated.Fleet.Services to address the following:

  • Aircraft and engine fleet may have to be reduced
  • Older aircraft and/or engines may be retired and go in teardown
  • Valuable used serviceable and/or repairable material may be used to support the active fleet for cost saving
  • Thus, available inventory and new teardown material and components inventory has to be managed and optimized accordingly
  • Engine shop visits may be managed by the a combination of scenarios such as on-site AMM repairs instead of full engine overhauls  engine exchange, lease engines, green time engines and engine modular management 
  • Aircraft and engine may transition back to lessors 
  • The unprecedented redeployment of airline fleets may need support from most specialized and experienced industry champions
  • Airlines may be reviewing their strategy, they may be forced to transform, restructure and focus on digitalization 

In cooperation with reputable aviation industry partners.